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A**hole book that  "will change lives."
Optimizing Relationships

A**hole book that "will change lives."

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"The no-fluff guide for assholes, and people who love or work with assholes." 
Deal with assholes and curb your own asshole tendencies! 
You'll learn: 
- to recognize and understand your own asshole tendencies 
- how to rekindle your connection with the love of your life who has turned into an asshole 
- what to do - and not do - if you work with or for an asshole 
- what to do if you hired an asshole 
- what the psychology is of an asshole and why it matters 
- how to communicate better with the assholes in your life

"Finished your book and LOVED it! I kept going back to sections I wanted to re-read."
-Joe (received an advanced copy)

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